Our Supplement


 We understand that a healthy balanced diet is necessary for people suffering with Sickle Cell diseases. Natural Supplements are beneficial to add to  your diet in order to maintain a healthy metabolism,and boost normal  hemoglobin levels. SiclOlife can support the body produce optimum hemoglobin.levels.

Why SicklOlife


  • SicklOlife is a very powerful Antioxidant naturally occurring natural Growth Factors. Growth Factors are nutritional building blocks that support the human biological system to build new healthy tissue and cells. Emerging Medical Research has shown that the Growth Factors  are actually in charge of cellular messaging. These tiny clumps of amino acids called peptides are the key to repair and replacement of a cells. The cell is under the direction of these peptides, not the hormones.
  • Also these natural growth factor supports the stimulate the division of mature cells and significantly supports to decrease the mortality of older cells, and assist the body in normalizing numerous cellular processes and cell communication. When this occurs, healing is accelerated and a variety of cellular processes are normalized/ stabilized and results in cellular regeneration.     
  • Sicklolife containing naturally occurring growth factors (not to be confused with growth hormones). This oligopeptides pass intact through the gut into the blood stream, mainly by pinocytosis.                                
  •                                                                                  Pinocytosis [pin″o-si-to´sis]
  • a mechanism by which cells ingest extracellular fluid and its contents; it involves the formation of invaginations by the cell membrane, which close and break off to form fluid-filled vacuoles in the cytoplasm.             

Your Wellness


  • Due its mechanism of action (regulation by the growth factors in a paracrine manner of adrenal cortex activity) the growth factors from the oligopeptides helps to modify the equilibrium of all the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. SicklOlife helps bring balance to the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. This  assists the entire endocrine system in achieving homeostasis and  efficient operation. Next, the endocrine system secretes hormones at  optimum levels resulting in improved cellular signaling. Improved  cellular signaling results in cellular rejuvenation and ultimately  translates to optimal health longevity and restoration of youthful  vitality to the body.  


  • Ingreddient: 
  • Xogllus (Natural Growth Factors) 200mg
  • BCAA 200mg 
  • Folic Acid 250mcg  
  • Instructions: 1 capsule 2 x per day. Preferable with out food.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This  product is not intended to diagnose , treat,cure or prevent any disease.